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Know Your Customer (KYC) Verifications

Quiktrak is one of the leading inspection and verification providers, helping our clients manage risk each day.

  • Automated and efficient inspection technology 
  • Visual verification of point-of-contact, location, and documentation
  • 24-hour turnaround service
  • Large scaled inspector/auditor base
  • Virtual and on-site verifications

KYC procedures ensure financial institutions take all the necessary actions to verify their customers are real, assess, and monitor risks.

KYC-onboarding processes help prevent and identify money laundering, terrorism financing, and other illegal enterprises. Quiktrak is a trusted global partner to leading financial institutions to comply with their KYC procedures.

Operating in 32 countries, Quiktrak provides virtual and in-person KYC verifications in as little as 24 hours.


The Quiktrak QuikPro KYC report provides our clients with a turnkey verification solution that assesses and documents all requirements for both on-site verifications and virtual verifications. We capture images including building or residence exterior, point of contact photos, and ID documents. For virtual verifications, the point-of-contact downloads a verification app that stamps each asset verified with date and time, as well as, recording location longitude and latitude to protect against fraud.

QuikPro KYC Verification Report Sample


With several verification companies to choose from in our industry, the clear distinction often comes down to the details. What do you truly value in a risk management partner? You will find that the details of Quiktrak’s services set us apart.

  • Platform and technology-centric
  • Risk-mitigating technologies, visualizations, and analytics
  • A global network of auditors and inspectors
  • On-demand resourcing of auditors and inspectors
  • Skills-based job pairing
  • Best-in-class training
  • In-person, virtual, and self-audit capabilities


One of the greatest strengths at Quiktrak is our professional and experienced inspectors in the field. Because we are an extension of our client’s brand, when we are on a job/audit, we take our responsibility of deploying the most qualified field personnel very seriously.

1500+ Auditors & Inspectors

32 Countries Covered

10+ Years Average Industry Tenure

200+ Inspections/Audits Average Per Year/Per Inspector

97.5 Average Inspector Rating

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