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Real Estate Services

Quiktrak offers a state-of-the-art Property Data collection solution for your Mortgage, AMC, or insurance needs. We have a nationwide panel of highly skilled inspectors who have completed a certification based on industry-leading requirements. With our 2-5 day turn time in most markets, Quiktrak is dedicated to delivering fast, high-quality Property Data Collection reports in PDF and XML formats.

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We ensure accurate data capture using the latest technology and provide an ANSI standard sketch directly to you. The property data will be provided in MISMO XML and PDF format which is easy to use by any appraiser.

We provide data collection for:

  • Freddie Mac Property Data Report with an ANSI standard sketch
  • Property Data Collection with or without ANSI standard sketch
  • Property Condition Report with or without sketch
  • Disaster Report
  • Exterior Only Report
  • Floorplan Only ANSI standard sketch

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