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Real Estate Services

Quiktrak offers a full appraisal management (AMC) solution. From traditional residential, hybrid, and desktop appraisals to state-of-the-art property data collection, we utilize a network of in-house property data collectors located in all 50 states to deliver fast, high-quality results. All services utilize Capture Data Services.

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Property Data Collection

If all you need is property data collection, Quiktrak has the solution. We ensure accurate data capture using the latest technology and provide an ANSI standard sketch directly to you. The property data will be provided in MISMO XML and PDF format that is easy to use by any appraiser.

We provide data collection for:

  • Freddie Mac Property Data Report with an ANSI standard sketch
  • Property Data Collection with or without ANSI standard sketch
  • Property Condition Report with or without sketch
  • Disaster Report
  • Exterior Only Report
  • Floorplan Only ANSI standard sketch

Appraisal Management Services

Quiktrak offers a full suite of appraisal management (AMC) solutions to meet your needs. Our experienced team is on standby and ready to deliver quality appraisal services from traditional residential and hybrid appraisals to desktop appraisals.

Traditional Residential Appraisals
We have a network of experienced appraisers ready to deliver a quality report within the necessary time frame to meet your residential appraisal needs. Quiktrak utilizes automated and manual reviews of appraisals before they are delivered to ensure the highest quality appraisal.   

Hybrid Appraisals
As an alternative to the traditional residential appraisal report, our appraisers also with property data collectors to provide a quick and cost-effective home appraisal.

Desktop Appraisals
For residential purchases that have been approved for the desktop appraisal report format, our appraisers are ready to complete the report within the necessary time frame. If a floorplan sketch is needed, Quiktrak can send an appraiser to the home and complete the ANSI standard sketch using the latest sketching software.

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